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Angels, Beasts and Dreamers is a set of 10 fine art quality 5” x 7” folded cards printed on 120lb archival paper with a beautifully textured matte-finish. They make lovely gifts, are great for sending and/or framing.  100% recycled envelopes included. This and other card sets available at my Etsy shop~ PearsoupeStudio

Evening falls...reformat for card  2.2 copy.jpeg
Angels in the kitchen. Again. Always. (for email).jpeg
Franny knows harmony is made, not found (for emailing).jpeg
The Moonbow sisters dream as one (for emailing).jpeg
At home in the House of Sunlight and Butterflies (FOR EMAILING).jpeg
Family portrait on the rocks (for emailing).jpeg
Angels in the Night Kitchen (for emailing).jpeg
Adrift at night by angelight (for email).jpeg
Dream sailing under a blue moon (for emailing).jpeg
Even in High Places, some days are harder than others (for emailing) .jpeg
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